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You enjoy the finer things in life. Vacation homes. Swiss timepieces. Luxury automobiles. Elegant dining and entertainment. You seek out the exceptional because nothing else will suffice. And why shouldn't you? You have arrived at the top; and therefore, you have earned it. At Di Classé Custom Clothier, we respect your desire for excellence. This is why we create luxuriously hand-tailored clothing and accessories for people, like you, of discerning character.

The Di Classé Wardrobe
Di Classé specializes in creating custom made garments including:
  • Men's Suits,
  • Slacks,
  • Dress and Casual Shirts,
  • Tuxedos,
  • Topcoats and Overcoats,
  • Neckwear,
  • Belts, and
  • Shoes.

Additionally, Di Classé can serve as your personal shopper by acquiring special occasion and unique gifts for your loved ones.

The Di Classé Difference
At Di Classé, we believe you will receive a quiet satisfaction out of owning a wardrobe of such impeccable quality, style, and taste. And, of course, you receive the comfort and prestige derived from wearing attire made exclusively for you. Our passion can be found in three things - helping you to look your best, providing the finest quality materials, and elevating your shopping experience beyond expectation. So for those whom only the exceptional will do, we introduce you to Di Classé.

"The present fashion is always handsome." -- THOMAS FULLER, M.D.

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